This section may contain disturbing images for non medical individuals, discretion is advice.
HJR. Male 47 years old - merchant.
Present a dermatosis affectingface, upper and lower limbs and predominantly the Trunk. He shows numerous plaques with different degree of Infiltratión, brown and red, circinated patches with atrophy and disestesia. Other areas of skin and adnexes: lose of the end of eyebrows. The refered start of his problem is about a year before with “hives and redness”. Episodes of fever, afectation of his General condition and the appiring of swlling ound lesion over the ganglionary chains. Few months after his starting he was Sended to the keprosy program and after the studies to confirm The diagnosis he start the treatment with PQT. H was sended to our centre one month ago continuating the same treatment. The episodes of LR repet periodically. The biopsy and basciloscopy confirm the LEPROMATOUS LEPROSY diagnostiic. He continue his treatment.
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