First comunication about community dermatology: Lancet: Community Dermatology in Guerrero México. Lancet 2991; 337: 906-907
10 years of Community Dermatology : Dermatol Rev Mex 2000,44(6):268-273.

En 2004
Dermatología Comunitaria is constituted as non profit civil association. Agreements with Heald Secretary and DIF Guerrero are made for courses to first level health personnel and poor communities derlatological attention.

En 2010
First International Teledermatology course in Chilpancingo Gro.

En 2013
20 años of community dermatology continuated work: Estrada CR, Chavez-Lopez G. Dermatología comunitaria 20 años después. Dermatol Rev Mex 2013;57(6):419-420.

En 2014
Course and field work in Panamá Republic: PRAMED-CILAD –Dermatologia Comunitaria A.C.

The activities of our asociation became in a relapse due to agravation of security conditions in Guerrero state.

En 2015
First course and field work out of Guerrero state, in San Felipe del Progreso, Edo. de Mexico organized together by Fundación Mexicana para la Dermatología and Dermatología Comunitatia A.C.

En 2016
The Model of atention and Dermatology courses are changed to Teledermatology: Estrada CR Chavez LG. Nuevos caminos en Dermatología comunitaria. Dermatol Rev Mex 2016 mayo;60(3):199-201.
En 2016
Simultaneous teledermatology courses for the states of Chiapas ( 9 venues) and Guerrero (12 venues) in Sn Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas. 312 health workers attend. Health Secretaries of Guerrero and Chipas. Field work in Altamirano, Chiapas. Mexican Dermatology Sociaty – Dermatologa Comunitaria A.C.

En 2017
Simultaneous teledermatology course for the states of Guerrero ( 8 venues) and Oaxaca (8 venues) 260 Health workers attend. Health Secretaries of Guerrero and Oaxaca. Field Work in Xoxocotlán Oaxaca. (210 pacientes) Oaxaca Medicine School and Dermatología Comunitaria.

En 2018
Courses of Teledermatology in Oaxaca ( 8 venues), and in Campeche (8 venues) with transmition to Guerrero (12 venues) In Campeche Camp. 450 health workers attend. Field work in Sta María del Tule, Oaxaca amd in Escarcega, Campeche. 280 pacientes.

2018. Field work in Tule, Oaxaca and Escárcega, Campeche.

En 2019
Teledermatology course for Quintana Roo, Hidalgo y Guerrero in Chetumal Q.Roo- 430 health workers attend. Field work in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Campeche. 98 received attention.
There is in every human being the innate desire to help others in need.
For for doctors and the health personnel shoud be the reason of their existence.